473 – Crown Street

Project – Crown Street

Client – Renaker Build Limited

Project Value – £1.12 Million.

Description – Crown Street is a residential project with 664 apartments over two towers Elizabeth at 52 stories & victoria at 21 stories, within the Deansgate area. With a predominant Glass facade, PLF carried out the first two stories of feature brick facade with approximately 147,240nr bricks in the Marziale Brick. in addition, there are approximately 562 linear meters of masonry support holding and carrying 350m2 of A1 Stainless Steel brick soffits also accompanied by 324nr brick soffit lintels designed & fabricated by IG Masonry support & managed & installed by PLF as well as 245lm of bespoke portland concrete copings. Finally, there is a three-floor carpark with predominately block partitions with approximately 36,100 blocks.